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I might if I knew what they are. OK, TDL is a Tax Deductible Lifestyle, and MBA is a Massive Bank Account. Good physical and financial health go hand in hand.  Look around you. How many people are overweight, out of shape, or suffer from a disease that prevents them from living a full life? How many people are always stressed out? And most of them are stressed over money.

How can you have good physical health?  Follow a good Preventive Health/Wellness Medicine system. Not getting sick is the best Health Insurance.

How about good financial health? Learn how the experts do it, you might be surprised.

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Being Overweight
Arthritis Pain
Sexual Problems 

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"The information and resources you provide has allowed me to establish a successful  plan to improve the physical and financial health of myself and my family. Thanks for your help in creating a healthy TLD with an MBA." - Xavier LeMond www.ladderofsuccess.net

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